BS 6173:2009

BS 6173:2009 is the updated specification for the installation of gas burning catering appliances used in all types of commercial catering establishments.

This British Standard was extensively revised and re-published in May 2001 and again in 2009.

By its natures it's a lengthy document which required an 'interpretation' in the way the standard should be applied. The most often used such interpretation being the Health & Safety Executive's (HSE) Information Sheet no. 23 entitled 'Gas safety in catering and hospitality’

Furthermore, the standard now has the ultimate definition in that Germanischer Lloyd (formerly Advantica) have prepared a test schedule against which all interlock products can and should be tested.  Caledonian have submitted the EMX controller range to this test and are the only supplier to have passed and therefore the only supplier with a range of controls fully certified to comply with the requirements of BS 6173.

Germanischer Lloyd (formerly the British Gas testing laboratory) is the largest British NAMAS accredited certification laboratory specialising in gas safety control testing. They will test flame failure controls, gas valves  as well as the controls as used in commercial kitchens, therefore there need no longer be any debate as to the true requirements of BS 6173.

BS 6173 together with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) form the main good practice and legislation for gas safety in commercial kitchens.  

In the inhospitable kitchen environment ventilation is important for the comfort of the workers, in the gas burning kitchen its of paramount importance.  Adequate ventilation not only ensures a comfortable environment by removing heat and troublesome carbon dioxide (CO2) but more importantly ensures that the gas burns efficiently and without creating the deadly carbon monoxide gas (CO).  The vital role of ventilation has also lead to the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA) creating the DW172 Specification for kitchen ventilation systems.

Because of the prime importance of ventilation, the Standard requires that before using gas appliances the effectiveness of the ventilation is tested and proved to be working correctly. Linking the air supply to the gas in this way is called ‘interlocking’.

An effective interlock control will offer the following:

  • Safe start checking

  • Ability to test the volumetric flow of air is sufficient for the amount of gas being burnt

  • Ability to open supply gas valve on satisfactory test

  • Ability to withstand the rigors of kitchen life

  • Conform to the current electrical and gas safety regulations

  • Fail safe operation

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