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ECS10/e Current Sensor

The ECS10/e is a non indicating version of our highly regarded flagship current monitoring sensor, the ECS10. This model offers a lower cost option as it does not have a built in LCD ammeter or an adjustable differential. The ECS10/e indicates when the correct current has been detected by way of a green LED, which changes to red if insufficient current is drawn by the fan motors for safe operation.  For more information on using current sensing see our FAQ Is it appropriate & safe to use current sensing to prove fan performance?

Ordering is simplified as the ECS10/e has three current ranges, 0.1 - 1 amp 1-10 amps & 10-20 amps thereby catering for most installations. The appropriate range is set within the base of the control, which is modular, allowing for a convenient plug in replacement of the unit.

  • CE marked & tested to comply with the low voltage directive & EMC emissions
  • Protected to IP65 allowing normal catering hygiene operations.
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty.

          ECS10/E with cover removed

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