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EPS10 Pressure Sensor

This is a unique electronic Pressure Difference Sensor that utilises a novel transducer assembly made, in house, by Caledonian specifically for BS6173 & DW172 applications. Each transducer is calibrated and compensated to very high standards. Drift and temperature stability far exceed any other device in its class. Because of the very high sensitivity of the sensor, it is possible to monitor the volumetric flow of air in ventilation ducts down to very low pressures and velocities. This is not feasible with conventional mechanical pressure switches.

Unlike other electronic sensors, the EPS range has a switched output that may be used as a replacement for a conventional pressure switch. The EPS10 utilises a 'safe start check' procedure when used in combination with any of the Caledonian fan interlocks, ensuring peace of mind and complete safety.

The EPS is a complimentary product to the current sensing ECS range and is fully indicating showing the monitored pressure on its large and clear LCD screen.

  • Complies with EN /BS1854 for pressure sensing devices.
  • CE marked & tested to comply with the low voltage directive & EMC emissions
  • Protected to IP65 allowing normal catering hygiene operations.
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty.

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