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We established ourselves in 1978 in a small facility here in Nuneaton. Our mission then, as now, was to design and manufacture high quality combustion related controls. Our first products were industrial flame failure controls and a range of spark generators for oil burners.

Our customers enjoy the benefit of a company dedicated to quality in every respect from design through to manufacture and on to  after sales service & support. Our dedication to quality is confirmed not only by our certified status as an ISO 9001 manufacturer with product type approval from agencies worldwide, but also by the fact that many of our products enjoy zero defect status with our average product failure rate at less than 0.1 per cent.

Whilst CaterSAFE may be a new name, it is actually the marketing vehicle for Britainís most experienced producer of fail-safe fan proving controls. Caledonian have manufactured fan proving systems since the early 1980ís the first ever British Gas Laboratory (which became Advantica and is now part of BSI) certificate of conformity for a fan proving interlock control was issued to us in 1996.

Since that time over 90% of certificated gas appliances that incorporate extraction or combustion fans installed in the UK are equipped with the Caledonian certified fan proving control type RSG200. This control runs in tens of thousands of kitchens and fast food outlets worldwide with less that one control in a thousand failing within itís first 5 years of operation. After 12 years of production, this may be considered as 'Zero Defect' production.

Our unequalled knowledge and experience in this area has now been focused into producing the best possible products to ensure commercial kitchen safety. This is  again confirmed by Caledonian being the first company to obtain a certificate for its kitchen fan to gas interlock. This was issued in 2007 by one the UKís most prestigious test houses Advantica. We believe that independent testing and certification by a NAMAS certified test laboratory of all significant equipment is the only way to be sure that an installation satisfies legal and insurance requirements. Kitchen contractors may now install with confidence, fully compliant interlock products that have been certified by the same body that has probably tested and certified the other gas burning safety critical components in the kitchen.        More about Caledonian ...     


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